Cyberdefense book by Craig MacKinder
 CYBERDEFENSE: Domain Name Systems as the Next Public Utility.

Written by Craig MacKinder

There is a threat lurking behind every online interaction that was first recognized nearly three decades ago, but very little has been done to fix it. It’s only a matter of time before the unimaginable becomes reality — life without the Internet. The race is on to get ahead of the danger and protect the Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure of the Internet before the worst-case scenario ends the Internet as we know it.

Based on decades of experience acquired by author Craig MacKinder as an information technology and cybersecurity expert, Cyberdefense: Domain Name Systems as the Next Public Utility is a multi-layered, comprehensive, extensively researched solution to the DNS threat. The way out of this imminent peril begins with securing online data by localizing queries to secure municipal DNS servers nationwide.

The DNS is a fundamental and critical part of our global infrastructure, yet most users have no idea what it is, how it works, or how the DNS contributes to the overall stability of the Internet. This book explains the DNS in ways the average reader will easily digest and understand. The menace to Internet security is laid out and then confronted as the pros and cons of the existing partial solutions are explored. Finally, this book delivers an explanation of how local governments will provide universal Internet access to the public as the best mitigation for insecure DNS infrastructure.

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Security and Privacy in an IT World book by Craig MacKinder
 SECURITY AND PRIVACY IN AN IT WORLD: Managing and Meeting Online Regulatory Compliance in the 21st Century.

Written by Craig MacKinder

Regulatory compliance has historically been a concern of only a company’s legal and finance departments. However, as e-commerce continues to dominate retail both in the United States and abroad, regulatory compliance is now a major area of concern for IT managers, everyone on executive teams, and entire boards of directors.

Amid a recoiling global marketplace and bigger and more costly cyberattacks, the nexus of “what can our networks do” versus “what are our networks allowed to do” is ever more complex. New privacy regulations coming from some of the closest allies of the United States are increasing the need for all companies doing business online to understand and abide by regulations that are in constant flux.

On top of these concerns, the U.S. government itself is in a rocky place with domestic politics threatening to stand in the way of business as usual for American companies. How will CEOs navigate this minefield centered around Internet freedom? It will require boardrooms and network managers to focus in partnership on meeting new privacy mandates while also keeping networks safe from cyberattacks and data theft.

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